Aussie Grit

Aussie Grit

Dear Future, We’re Ready……..

Adversity has struck the world…. But Aussies get back up to fight on!

Australians have an innate ability to bounce back and if you have lost your job, you need to dust yourself off and get back up again.

Every day we’re hearing so much negative press on unemployment statistics, mental health issues and restrictions.

Gough Whitlam once said, “I do not believe for a minute that we should set limits on what we can achieve for our country, for our people and for our future.”

Let’s not set limits on ourselves! YOU have what it takes…  You’re an Aussie.

YOU (your experience, qualifications and positive attitude) and the LabourCo Team can work together to drive your work opportunities forward, let’s start to build a strong future.

“Dear Future – We’re Ready”

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