COVID-19: Strategies for managing stress

COVID-19: Strategies for managing stress

Get support for managing stress and anxiety.

COVID-19 has seen rapid changes to our way of life and disrupted plans due to travel restrictions and physical distancing measures as part of our effort to slow the spread of transmission.
Looking after our well being in times like this can help to reduce stress, and is crucial in enabling us to still take calm and effective action in the midst of this global health event.

Strategies to manage stress and anxiety include:

Focusing on the things you can control – Anxiety and stress are normal responses to a highly unpredictable situation such as this. Some anxiety can be helpful in motivating us to take action against the uncontrollable nature of the situation.

Staying active – Exercise doesn’t just improve physical health; it also mitigates stress through the release of endorphins and elevation of mood.

Staying connected – Social connection is associated with higher levels of subjective well-being, as well as lower levels of depression and anxiety. Most importantly, social connection helps us become more resilient during stressful life events.

Showing compassion – Being compassionate towards others is associated with lower blood pressure reactivity and lower cortisol reactivity. In other words, compassion acts as a buffer for physiological stress and improves your well-being.

More information, tips, strategies, helpful resources and support can be found here: GET SUPPORT

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