LabourCo celebrate MoU with Newcastle AES

LabourCo celebrate MoU with Newcastle AES

Jane Browne (LabourCo Senior Recruitment Consultant) and Taylor Stewart (AES Career Recruitment Officer) will drive outcomes of the MoU.

LabourCo celebrates and embraces diversity.  Last week’s signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Newcastle office of the Aboriginal Employment Strategy, ensures ongoing collaboration between the not-for-profit agencies, to deliver meaningful work outcomes for local indigenous job seekers.

Both agencies are focused on maximising the opportunity of full-time permanent work for their candidates. Many LabourCo casual employees transition to permanent work with their hosts, the process not hindered by expensive transition fees but also with encouragement and support of the LabourCo team.

AES assists participants with additional support including the supply of personal protective equipment, essential training and mentoring post placement to optimise employment retention. Candidates from AES will undergo the same rigorous screening as all LabourCo candidates, however, unsuccessful candidates will have the benefit of AES advocacy and an agreed system of honest feedback.  The hope is that the participants will improve their job search skills, such as interview technique or presentation and thereby improve their competitiveness in the job market.

As the two organisations build familiarity with one another, they hope to explore further opportunities for collaboration.

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